Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trend Spotting - Mustache and All

Trend Spotting Spring 2012
As a bit of a quiet rebel, mostly attuned to fashion with a sense of humor, I love the dastardly mustache trend. But I “mustache” you, could you let go of your serious fashion sense for a moment to allow me this silly, retro-vibed trend spotting?
As I strolled through a local mall recently, I found myself drawn to the one item that has been reportedly flying off the shelves; the black eyeglasses with a mustache dangling from a chain.  I had to try them on and then I had to have my picture taken in them just to show my kids how hipster I can be when pushed to the edge, except no one was pushing!
Not only are the eyeglasses selling like penny candy, but so are the long, black necklaces with a mustache pendant and temporary mustache tatoos.
Some people believe the fingerstache found its way into our youth culture through a popular reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. When the Kardashian sisters drew mustaches on their fingers, they helped raise this comical trend to its current hot spot.
As the Kardashian darlings sported vintage-style fingerstaches, hipsters everywhere found the humor in it and resurrected the old-fashioned mustache to life again, only this time on chains and eyeglasess. Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber have also been seen wearing the black, twisted mustache of eras gone by.
When you think about it, fashion moves in cycles from severe to playful, from serious and classy to bright and whimsical.  A trend like this one, a little mustache on a chain really just asks to be laughed at, nothing more, nothing less.
Or could it be more dastardly than that? (Sounds of loud laughter, boots stomping quickly away, and theater fades to black.)

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