Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's the Next Tech Antique Gotta-Have?

I was reading an ebay story this morning about the guy who sold his not-completely-functioning Walt (Apple's Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone) for $8,000. It made me wonder about our need to keep some things as touchstones while time and technology fly past us at an ever-increasing speed, leaving us feeling as though we will always be caught between two equal desires: one to keep up and one to let go.

Kindle Versus Kindle Fire
Some things become obsolete almost as soon as they are in the hands of buyers. I was given a Kindle for my birthday and then a year later the Kindle Fire was released. I knew right away my original Kindle was going to be re-gifted to one of my kids, which is great for them and also great for me. Now I can focus on the FIYAH. Terrible, but true.

Antique Collectors in the Tech World

This makes me wonder about that Atari my son bought a few years ago in its original box. I remember asking him, "What are you gonna do with THAT dust collector?" I tried not to laugh at his response, "Puttin' it under the bed." 

Who knows what the next gotta-have techtique will be. Wait, is that a word yet—'techtique', as in technology antique? I don't know, but I like it.

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  1. This, I like - techtique. I definitely have a lot of those around. Love the picture you used of Brandon, too.