Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SW Florida, You Rock!

It's so incredible to live here. Some people, yeah, the younger generation, might say there's nothing to do here. I have to say, "WTF?" because I find this area to be growing exponentially in every way possible.

Some of my favorite comedians are coming next month to entertain us and then there's Linda Egan, the 2011 Pulitzer prize winner who is here this week to speak at the local Sanibel library. There are so many other reasons to love the area. Stay with me and I'll share the wealth whether it's food, entertainment or historical reasons to fall in love.

Come back often and read about the best of the best, whether it's on the water, flying above it, or eating in a restaurant with the latest take on healthy foods.

You've got it all here in one sweet space. It's what I like about this!

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