Sunday, February 5, 2012

Foods That Heal Us - FAST!

I'm a longtime vitamin and supplement-taker/lover. Whether or not these products are actually doing what they claim to do, I can't say for sure.

Last week I was in the process of waiting to get my first colonoscopy.  I was told I couldn't take any of my daily vitamins or anti-inflammatory nutrients/drugs such as advil, vitamin E, omega-3, etc...okay, I was on-board.

But then...

I noticed I had a canker sore (or two or three) blooming in my mouth (most likely due to the stress) and wasn't allowed to take anything for it.

So I decided to do a major juicefest. I threw the following organic, fresh items into my juicer:
  • one whole beet, including the greens
  • 1 carrot 
  • 2 cups fresh baby spinach 
  • one apple 
  • three large leaves of kale, stems removed
  • a handful of watercress 
  • three strawberries

Within 3 hours my canker sores were gone. Completely gone and they stayed gone. This is miraculous. Really, it is. I've taken drugs, anti-inflammatory agents, multivitamins and more to aid in fighting this kind of stress-related reaction. Nothing ever made much of a difference except Red Marine Algae, which seemed to help reduce inflammation from seven days down to three. Exceptional, right?

But this fresh juice REMOVED the blooming canker sores and KEPT them away. This was a first for me. I was stunned by the speed of my body's reaction. I'll never doubt the strength of juicing again.

I'm a real juicer. And proud of it.

But multivitamins, I'm still watching you. 

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