Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I love about finding new artists

Sometimes I happen upon an artist serendipitously. It could be a singer or a jewelry maker, it could be a writer or a textile crafter. It's exciting to discover talent and also exciting to share my finds.

Here are my two latest and greatest finds this week.

Fabulous Jewelry on Etsy

I love Rachael Mccune's unique creations with leather and metal. Her floral leather flower designs on cuffs and necklaces are stunning and original. Check out her work on LoveCrazy Designs, on Facebook and Etsy. She has the gift!

After looking at her gorgeous variety of colorful cuffs, some with antique brooches, some with buffalo nickels at the center of a leather flower, I contacted her and added her beautiful photo above to an article I was writing about spring fashion trends. Her work definitely embodies the fresh face of spring 2012, wouldn't you say?

My Favorite Music on Youtube Today

Chelsea Chavis, the young American pop star who writes in both English and Japanese, offers this J-Pop ballad called, When You Walk. She makes plenty of people want to get up and dance.

Come on, dance with me...let's dance!

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